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Auditing Attorney Fees.

Legal Fee Audit

Legal Billing Adjusters audits attorney fees and provides legal billing consulting

The process to audit attorney fees should include steps to promote a working relationship with your attorneys. Legal Billing Adjusters provides its clientele with options that will build a relationship with attorneys, audit attorney fees, and save money.

Communicate With Your Attorney

Explain to your attorneys that to audit attorney fees is about cost containment and not about distrust of the law firm. The parties should agree to talk candidly about billing issues and avoid arbitrary actions. Communication is the best way to lessen any audit tensions.

Clients receiving help with a legal fee audit


If there is missing or inadequate information, then legal counsel should agree to supplement the bill immediately. Likewise, businesses should give the attorney an opportunity to provide the information quickly and without undue postponements to avoid payment delays.

Knowledge is Power

Ask For an Explanation

If there are extraordinary facts, legal issues, or activities that seem unapproved and unjustified, then ask the attorney to explain these in writing.

Explanations go a long way

Reimburse Overpayments

Reciprocate and Pay on Time

Cooperate . Understand each other’s concerns.

Where overpayments are clear or uncontested, reimburse promptly. Businesses should reciprocate by paying reasonable bills in a timely manner.

Utilize Legal Cost Containment Strategies

We will create legal billing guidelines for an effective plan to control legal costs and help foster mutual trust and respect with your attorneys.

Our Services

Our professionals provide hands-on auditing and consulting, which requires us to be intimately familiar with your legal billing concerns. We also offer forensics, expert testimony, as well as litigation support and management.We believe that there is no substitute for hard work. This is why we focus on four primary areas of legal auditing. These are:

  • Attorney’s Time for Working on the File
  • Expenses and Disbursements
  • Compliance With Billing Guidelines
  • Expert Witness Invoices and Expenses

Why You Should Work With Legal Billing Adjusters?

Compared to most auditors who only review your attorneys’ invoices, we demand more during our audits. We ensure that we thoroughly analyze all legal services provided to your company in order to target discrepancies, unethical billing practices, mistakes, and other areas for potential cost savings. Our team will also check expenses and receipts and look for the following:

  • Block Billing
  • Vagueness
  • Excessive Minimum Time
  • Overhead Charges
  • Undocumented Expenses
  • Transition Time
  • Mistaken Math

Contact Us

Call us today for more information about the attorney fees audit process can help your business save money. We look forward to working with you.

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