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Our Team Provides Attorney Fee Auditing and Consulting Services for Your Legal Billing needs.

The [legal] fees are outrageous. With the cost of litigation these days, I think clients would often be better off if they just met in the halls and threw dice. Certainly it would be cheaper.

Walter McLaughlin, American Jursit; Chief Justice Supreme Court of Massachusetts, Time, July 27, 1981.

Understanding Attorney Fees & Legal Billing

Legal billing is considered by many to be an art and what you do not know will cost you.
  • Generating billable hours is the law firm’s bloodline which is why it often creates conflict between the firm and the client.
  • A lawyer’s legal fee must be reasonable. However, the pressure to generate billable hours is often associated with two things—financial incentives when billing milestones are met and the loss of a job when expectations fall short.
  • The art of storytelling, improvising, embellishment, and theatrics are what some attorneys find themselves relying upon to meet their quotas and stay in the game.
  • As our founder was once told about billing when he was a young lawyer, “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

Connect With Us

We cater to clients nationwide. Contact our team today to learn more about our services. We are pleased to answer all your question.

  • A good auditor understands what takes place behind the scenes.
  • A good auditor understands the context of each case.
  • Litigation is not a fungible, one-size-fits-all process as many auditors believe. Consequently, this misunderstanding, or lack of experience, is what often causes many audit problems.
  • To avoid these issues, we encourage potential clients to be as careful in choosing an auditor as they are choosing an attorney. Consequently, our team strives to maintain a professional and cooperative relationship between your company and your lawyers.
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