Auditing and Consulting Services for Your Legal Billing

Legal Billing Adjusters is composed of a team of professional auditors who will help you with your legal billing needs. Through our services, we will make sure that your attorneys are compliant with the billing instructions of their law firm.

The [legal] fees are outrageous. With the cost of litigation these days, I think clients would often be better off if they just met in the halls and threw dice. Certainly it would be cheaper.

Walter McLaughlin

American jurist; chief justice, Supreme Court of Massachusetts, Time, July 27, 1981

Understanding Legal Billing

  • Legal billing is considered by many to be an art, and what you do not know will cost you. Generating billable hours is the law firm’s bloodline, which is why it often creates conflict between the firm and the client.

  • A lawyer’s legal fee must be reasonable. However, the pressure to generate billable hours is often associated with two things—financial incentives when billing milestones are reached and the loss of a job when expectations fall short.

  • The art of storytelling, improvising, embellishment, and theatrics are what attorneys find themselves relying upon to meet their quotas and stay in the game. As our founder was once lectured about his billing practices when he was a young lawyer, “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

  • A good auditor must understand what goes on behind the scenes and further understand the context of each case. Litigation is not a fungible, one-size-fits-all process as many auditors believe. This misunderstanding, or lack of experience, is what often causes more audit problems than any other.

  • To avoid these issues, we encourage potential clients to be as careful in picking auditors as they are in choosing their attorneys. This is why we ensure that our team strives to maintain a professional and cooperative relationship between your company and the law firm you work with.

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